Water Damage Photo Gallery

Mold under cabinets

Mold growth under cabinets

Mold comes in different forms and types. Upon removing the cabinet it became clear that this was definitely something unlike anything seen before.  Even though it looks odd, we treat all mold types with caution and safety.

Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in Insulation

A pipe in the ceiling, while the homeowner's were out of town, caused massive damage to their home.  With blown-in insulation in the ceiling it retained the water, becoming heavier and causing the ceiling to collapse.  

Removal of Drywall

Depending on the category of water, we have had great success drying materials in place.  However there are times and circumstances that do not allow this.  Just because we remove the material does not mean that there is going to be a huge mess. SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas technicians are trained to complete CLEAN demo! We try to make demolition as clean as possible to eliminate any possible dust or disturbances. Sometimes we may even use machines to scrub the air to remove any airborne dust in a home or job-site. 

Wood and Water

Hardwood has a natural moisture content.  It is porous and as the material absorbs water it expands causing it to lift, crown or cup.  If the water is caught quickly, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas has techniques that will help salvage your hardwood flooring.  However if the material is a man-made laminate or pergo type flooring, most times it is not repairable.  

Severe Water Damage

It is always good practice to turn the water main off while you are traveling.  Unfortunately, for this homeowner, a failed supply line in the upstairs bathroom gushed water for an extended period of time.  One of the biggest factors in minimizing damage caused by water is rectifying and responding to the issue immediately.  Delays in repairing the plumbing issue and removal of standing water will result in a greater degree of absorption and will increase the time and energy required to properly mitigate the residence.  Additionally, the cost to repair the residence, after mitigation, increases exponentially.  When disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas can help guide you through your claims process and get you moving forward.

Residential Pack-out Services

In some emergencies, damages and affected areas may require extensive repairs.  In order to help homeowners care for and protect their possessions it may be necessary to pack-out heavily affected areas to limit contents damage during the restoration process.  Here, luckily, the tenant had renters insurance which allowed SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas to care for and pack-out our customer’s prized possessions.  Keeping belongings out of the way and protected is a valuable service when trying to minimize the destruction of emergencies.