Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Ceiling Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage

At first glance you may not be able to see the amount of smoke that has affected your home but we have techniques and a trained team that will remove the smoke and odor before any painting or repairs begin. This photos show the difference in our two-step cleaning process. We first use chem sponges to get rid of as much smoke and soot as possible, and then use a damp solution for final cleaning.

Bathroom Smoke Damage

Bathroom Smoke Devastation

Devastation struck when this family's home caught fire from cooking in the kitchen. Thankfully everyone got out save but the damage to the home from the water and the fire spread throughout every room.  This is a look at what can happen from smoke, soot and water. 

Melted Materials

Under extreme heat, fire can make metal and plastic start to look like wax. SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas can help put together a list of salvageable and total loss items, to make sure you get the right reimbursement back with your insurance company and nothing goes forgotten.  

Smoke and Soot Damage

Smoke and soot can cause just as much damage as the fire.  Multiple factors are taken into consideration when you are replacing vs. restoring.  There is a technique to cleaning smoke and soot from your home, and if not done properly can cause even more damage.  SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas can work with you and your insurance company to make sure that we restore your home and belongings, especially those irreplaceable items.

I think we need more than a new fan...

Most house fires start in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean your kitchen will be the only thing affected. Flame and smoke travel faster than you would think. If disaster ever strikes you, call SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas.  

Residential Fire - SERVPRO Trucks Onsite

It’s understandable that disasters often strike without warning.  Knowing what steps to take first can often times alleviate problems from the start.  SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas offers a wide array of professional services to help in any disaster.   In this case, the homeowner awoke to a fire in the garage, which sent smoke and soot throughout the inside of the home.    With SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas quickly on the scene, we were able to help this homeowner with the correct course of action to minimize headaches and get him back to his normal, daily routine, as quickly as possible.