Commercial Photo Gallery

Heavy Smoke

Heavy Smoke

You can see the outline of contents left on the counter after very heavy smoke settled.  The counters should be white but due to this massive loss they black here.

Water & Oil

Fire Suppression System

The fire suppression system (over head sprinklers) went of when the CNC machine caught fire. The machines use oil so to work, when the sprinklers went off it water logged the machines and flooded the facility with not just water but also oil.

Commercial Flood

You never know when disaster will strike; luckily SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas is always ready when the situation arises!  For most business’ loss of revenue due to unforeseen inoperability is a nightmare.  SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas has the experience and concern to get you back up a running again!  In this photo we see a flooded showroom needing emergency extraction and water mitigation.  Crews worked tirelessly to remove the standing water to get this business back open.

We've Got You Covered

Walking into work and wading through an inch of water is no way to start your day.  Thankfully, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas has the ability to address any size loss.   Our Nationwide brand can mobilize for the largest of jobs.  This photo only shows a portion of the equipment needed to stabilize this monstrous facility.  Over 200 air movers and 15 dehumidifiers rescued this facility from further damage.  

Discrete Commercial Dry Out

SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas is always willing to work with customer’s request to limit material removal.  Here, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas was able to develop a drying plan that reduced material removal and focused on drying materials out to help minimize the overall downtime.  With minimal material removal, the business was not set back further with extensive and costly repairs. 

Creative Drying System

This commercial property called us right after having a water loss in their office and warehouse.  Outside temperatures were in the 40’s, the unit has no heating / cooling and the customer wanted to save in expenses.  Our crew was able to create a drying chamber with the help of the heat from the dehumidifier.   Effectively drying the walls in place and helping the customer save on unwanted extra expenses.